Hi, my name is Shannon Crowden. I've been designing for small business for 18 years now but the first few years was a nightmare!

By 2006 I’d had enough of hearing of my clients previous struggle with poor service, expensive rates and long waiting times for design. With zero creativity.

I wanted to challenge the industry ‘norm’ to the core and provide creative graphic design to all businesses, great or small, at an affordable price without skimping on quality. So began Mad Cow Graphics.



We believe quality graphic design should be available to all businesses and budgets, top notch service that doesn’t disappear after the invoice is paid and creative designs that are uniquely you. 

Let’s face it…You want to present your business the best way possible…you want service that makes you feel more like a family member than a number…and you want creative designs that don’t cost the earth.

So it makes sense that our approach to graphic design, which has made hundreds of other small business owners like you extremely happy, incorporates these three elements.

  1. Creative (to help your business stand out)
  2. Affordable (no surprises here)
  3. Friendly (honest to goodness service)

Team that with a strong desire to help your business succeed, fast turnaround and unlimited support and it’s no wonder our happy clients stay on to work with us for years…they just don’t want to leave.

What you need.

‘Quality = high price’ as we know it is dead.

You need your brand to look good and work hard
to deliver your business new and lasting clients.

We help our clients create strong visual identities
with a creative, affordable strategy that delivers real results.

We’re about changing the rules of business with fresh graphic design, affordable content management and unrivalled business support that propels your small business from tiny to mighty. 

discussing design strategies

Why you should choose us

It’s no wonder you feel lost when it comes to branding your business. With so called ‘expert’ opinions and online garbage, it’s hard to know what to believe. We actually care about your success and our budget-friendly, no-nonsense approach will get your business thriving!